Dorm rooms are teeny tiny, so at the end of the day, there's not a lot of space for extras. But because it's your first home away from home, incorporating pieces that bring you comfort and reflect your personal style is a priority. Since lighting tends to have endless style options, can add dimension, and single-handedly set the mood, it's worth making space for cool lamps in your dorm room. Keep reading for fifteen dorm room lighting ideas.

1 Lamber Banker's Desk Lamp

This retro-inspired lamp looks like it was swiped from the fancy library on campus (without the punishment!). 

2 Luna Lamp

Just as comforting, fun, and mesmerizing as your childhood nightlight, the Luna Lamp emits a soft, warm glow and come's with a remote control. You can also swap out the bulbs with colorful ones.

3 Mini Table Lamp in Dusky Pink

You can always use a little extra task lighting while cramming for those exams.

4 Snake Table Lamp

Scare off a snooping roommate with a serpent lamp—or just impress them with it.

5 Lumine Light Therapy Lamp

Rated the best light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, this is a great option for gloomy dorms.

6 Column Table Lamp

Elevate your dorm room with this sleek, modern copper lamp.

7 Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp

Enhance the good vibes and self love with a rose quartz  lamp.

8 Antique Brass Arc Table Lamp

Tasteful yet understated, this table lamp will dress up any drab dorm room.

9 Portable Table Lamp

When you want something that veers away from the popular metallic and grayscale schemes but don't want something so bright that it'll clash with your roommate's things, opt for a lamp in a muted tone like this pretty green one.

10 The Glow Light

Designed by Capser, the Glow Light is equipped with a self-dimmer  promote healthier, more restful sleep patterns.
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